Please call 907 – 790 – 3100.

Wings of Alaska provides air cargo services between every Wings destination, including Haines, Hoonah, Gustavus, Juneau, and Skagway on our regularly scheduled flights. You can count on us to handle your cargo carefully and reliably every time, whether you’re shipping goods, animals, small packages, or larger shipments.

If you’d like to ship to a destination in Southeast Alaska that does not have regularly scheduled Wings of Alaska air service, or would like to ship outside of our normally scheduled service, please visit our Charters page for information on booking a charter flight for your cargo needs.



Freight needs to be dropped off at least 45 minutes prior to flight; dropping it off earlier is recommended, as it will give us more flight opportunities to transport your goods. Shipments may be picked up at the destination once our agents have called and notified customers of the freight arrival.

Shipping arrangements should be made at time of drop off, or tentatively beforehand. No freight is guaranteed, as it goes space available (except when a cargo charter flight is arranged).

We have a cooler and freezer in Juneau; currently we have limited/no freezer space available at our other destinations.

Large amounts of freight, as well as cool and freeze items need to be dropped off at our our ticket counter.   If you have extra items that need to shipped it helps to have them at the airport as early as possible.  Smaller amounts of freight can also be dropped off at ticket counter.

When you drop off your cargo, please remember to provide the following information:

  • Shipper name
  • Shipper’s phone number
  • Destination
  • Receiver name
  • Receiver’s phone number
  • Item description
  • Notation if the item is fragile or perishable


Boxes are the generally preferred packaging for shipping on a Wings flight, but are not always necessary. Please call ahead of time regarding items you’d like to ship without a box. Fragile items need to be packaged accordingly.


Animals must be shipped in kennels (hard kennel or soft); occasionally, depending on the species of animal and size, Wings may allowing shipment of smaller animals in boxes (mice/rodents eat boxes). Wings of Alaska ensures that your animals will be on a safe and comfortable journey. Dogs, cats, birds, and other animals are accepted for transportation.

Sit back and relax. Your furry friend is in good hands with Wings of Alaska’s trusted pet experts, and we will call you for pick up when your pet arrives at their destination.


►  Gustavus

►  Haines

►  Hoonah

►  Juneau

►  Skagway


If you’d like to ship freight to somewhere in Southeast Alaska that isn’t on this list, or outside of scheduled flight hours, please contact us to discuss charter options at 800 – 789 – 9464.