Gustavus, AK  or Glacier Bay


Ticket Counter
The Wings of Alaska ticket counter is located just inside the terminal at Gustavus Airport.

Parking and Ground Transportation

All parking is currently free for Wings passengers at the airport in Gustavus.  We can help assist with transport to downtown and work locations please contact our station managers.

Security Screening
Currently, all flights departing from Gustavus do not require TSA screening. Passengers can arrive 30 minutes prior to departure for check-in.

Gustavus Biography

Gustavus is known lovingly among locals as “the Gateway to Glacier Bay.” Upon landing in Gustavus, you will notice the picturesque Bear Track Mountains.


While driving through town enjoy the small, rustic atmosphere of the place once dubbed “Strawberry Point” by pioneering homesteaders.


Keep your eyes open and your cameras ready for the majestic wildlife Gustavus is richly saturated with. moose

Moose are abundant, owls can be seen. Bears, wolves, foxes and a myriad of bird species are prevalent as well.


Before you head out to Glacier Bay National Park, you have to stop by the Gustavus beach where you can see the breath-taking Fairweather Mountain Range.


We hope you enjoy your stay here in this beautiful temperate rainforest!