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Great for small groups that need to be at specific destination at specific time, or for flightseeing adventurers that wish to view the great Alaskan frontier from the skies, Wings of Alaska’s private charter service offers you the convenience of deciding when and where. Fly with your friends, without luggage fees, as a flightseeing tour, and on your own schedule. Avoid the hassle of security screening and waiting in line. It’s like being in the Captain’s seat!

Choose between our three great aircraft to meet your travel needs:

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AircraftCessna 206Cessna 207 
Speedmph (125 knots)147 mph (130 knots)
Number of Passengers55
Base Charter Rate$500 per flight hour$500 per flight hour

Accommodation of charter requests are subject to aircraft and pilot availability.  Some airports may impose an additional Passenger Facility Charge.   Additional fees may apply.

*These are single pilot rates. If you wish add a second pilot to your flight, additional fees will apply.