Customer Service:

or call 1-907-945-3275 or 1-907-697-2201

Airline information

 What type of aircraft does Wings of Alaska operate?
Wings of Alaska operates both the Cessna 206 & 207.   Seating 5 passengers in each 206 and 207 planes.

What type of flight service do you provide?
Wings of Alaska provides intrastate scheduled air service. We also offer customized charter services and flight seeing tours.

Who can I speak to at the airport if I have a problem?
Any Wings of Alaska representative will be happy to assist you in any way that they can. You are also welcome to call our customer service line at 907-945-3275 or any of our stations listed below.

Gustavus, Alaska (Glacier Bay)

Haines, Alaska

Hoonah, Alaska (Icy Strait)

Juneau, Alaska

Skagway, Alaska

  •  Who can I contact about a problem I had on a flight?
     Please call 907-945-3275.

 Check-in, security screening, and boarding

  • Do I have to go through TSA security screening if I’m flying with Wings of Alaska?
    No. Our Alaska stations do not require screening.. If you are making a connection on another airline, please visit the TSA website,, for specific information about screening policies and procedures.
  •  What time should I arrive for check-in with Wings?
     At most locations, you can arrive at Wings of Alaska 30 minutes prior to departure for check-in.
  •  What should I bring with me for check-in?
     Each passenger is required to show government issued identification at check-in. 
  • How do I request special assistance for a disabled passenger?
    Please call 907-697-2201 to talk to a customer service representative regarding special accommodations. We also recommend referencing our Contract of Carriage for more information.
  •  What if I need a seatbelt extender?
    Please call 907- 723-2471 because we have to arrange through our dispatch/schedulers. They are the ones in contact with the pilots, and can make those accommodations and notes.
 Reservations and ticketing
  •  How do I change my ticket?
     Please call 907-697-2201.
  •  How do I cancel a reservation?
     To cancel a reservation, you must call 907-697-2201.
    • Passenger fare Cancellation Policy
    • • If you cancel in advance of 30 days prior to your scheduled trip departure, you are entitled to a 95% refund, with a minimum fee of $15.
    • • If you cancel in advance of 24 hours prior to your scheduled trip departure, you are entitled to an 80% refund of your ticket, with a minimum fee of $15 per passenger, per leg.
    •  You may reschedule your entire ticket for a $15 reschedule fee prior to 24 hours before flight time.
    • • If you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled trip departure, you are entitled to a 50%refund of your ticket, with a minimum fee of $15 per passenger per leg.
    • You may reschedule your entire ticket for a $15 reschedule fee prior to 24 hours before flight time. Please note: You may choose to “orphan” your ticket rather than a refund according to the policy above. You may not orphan a ticket within 2 hours of flight time. o An orphaned ticket is valid for 6 months from the original departure date of flight. After 6 months, an unused orphaned ticket is inactivated and no longer valid for travel. $15 reschedule fee applies for all orphaned tickets. o
    • If you cancel within 2 hours of your schedule trip departure, or fail to check in 30 minutes prior to flight time (no show) there will be no refund’s or orphan tickets provided. This will forfeit your ticket.
    • Special Situation: Weather Delays: Weather in Southeast Alaska is unpredictable. We only fly when the minimum FAA requirements allow us to, and when our pilots feel it is safe. If we are on weather delay, your ticket is still valid until we fly. If you choose to not wait for the flights to resume, and we are actively still on “delay” status, you may cancel your reservation and the above fee’s will apply. If we are unable to resume flights and cancel the flight, you are entitled to a 100% refund of your ticket or to reschedule with no fees.
    • Charter Terms and Conditions: Please note that all Charters have a load limit of 1000#, including passenger and baggage weight. Please contact the dispatch office at or 907-723-2471 to add passenger weights to Charter.
    • Please note that any baggage weight that will cause the aircraft load to exceed 1000# will be charged as excess baggage at $0.50/lb, and may be sent separately on the next available flight.
    • Cancellations/Refunds: Charters that are cancelled prior to 30 days before flight time are eligible for a full refund minus a 5% fee or $25 (whichever is greater).
    • Charters that are cancelled within 30 days and 72 hours are eligible for a refund of 80% refund.
    • Charters cancelled within 72 hours and up to 24 hours before flight time are eligible for a 50% refund.
    • Charters cancelled within 24 hours of flight time are not eligible for a refund.
  •  What are the taxes and fees included in the quoted price?
     In addition to the government imposed Federal Excise Tax, fees that may be included in the quoted price are listed:
    Federal excise tax (passenger = 7.5% and freight = 6.25%) .


 Where do I park and how much does it cost?
Parking is generally free at all airports Wings of Alaska currently serves; Juneau is an exception. Please contact the Juneau Airport for information on parking.

Making a connection

I’m making a connection on another airline. How much time should I allow in between flights?
We recommend that you allow at least an hour and a half for making connecting flights out of Juneau with other airlines; we recommend one hour when connecting between two Wings of Alaska flights. Travel during the holidays can get pretty hectic at larger hubs, so please plan accordingly.


 How much luggage can I take with me?
Flights to and from all destinations have a free baggage allowance of one checked bag, up to 70 lbs per person.   Checked luggage items may not exceed 62 linear inches in size.  If the passenger has over the allowed amount of checked luggage or special equipment, an excess (.50 cents per pound) or oversize baggage fee will be applied at check-in. No one piece of baggage can exceed 100 lbs. Excess or oversize baggage flies on a space available basis at our discretion. Any oversize baggage that takes up a seat’s worth of space will be charged a seat fare rate.

The rate is $125 to ship a ski bag for any route.

What can I carry on?
“Carry on” in the small planes is at the discretion of the pilot.   Most purses, backpacks and all else in the back behind the cargo net.  Each carry-on includes one personal item, such as a purse, camera bag, small electronic device, diaper bag, infant supplies, briefcase, or small backpack. Additional items that can be carried on free of charge include reading material, umbrella, jackets, mobility aids/assistive devices, medical supplies, government approved child/infant seat, service animals, or a fully collapsible stroller.

Ticket counter locations

Where are your ticket counters located? Are they in the main terminal?
Please see our Destination pages for information about individual ticket counter locations.

Traveling with children

What are the ages and restrictions for a lap child?
Children under two (2) years old, not occupying a seat, can be carried
without charge when accompanied by a fare-paying passenger eighteen (18)
years or older.

What are the ages and restrictions for unaccompanied minors?
Children under seven (7) years of age must be accompanied by a fare-paying
Children seven (7) through eleven (12) years of age are defined as
unaccompanied minors, and are required to pay a full adult fare.

Unaccompanied children ages seven (7) through eleven (12) years of age will
only be accepted for nonstop flights. The parent or responsible adult who
brings an unaccompanied child to the departure airport will be required to
remain at the departure gate until the flight is airborne. The parent or
responsible adult must furnish Wings of Alaska in writing (duplicate in
which must be in child’s possession) evidence that the child will be met by
another named parent or responsible adult upon deplaning at his or her
destination. The person meeting the child at his or her destination will
need to be in the arrivals area prior to the flight arriving. Awaiting
guardians will be required to present positive identification. Wings can
only provide supervision for the unaccompanied minor from the time of
boarding until the child is met at a stop-over point or destination, and
does not assume any financial or guardianship responsibility for any
unaccompanied child beyond what is applicable to an adult passenger.
Final approval for the transport of any unaccompanied minor is completely at
the discretion of the pilot conducting the flight.  More information on this policy can be found on our Policies page.

Traveling with pets

Can I travel with a pet on Wings of Alaska?

Wings of Alaska accepts domestic pets, including cats, dogs, and household
birds, as long as they are in an approved carrier/ kennel.

Unaccompanied dogs of small or medium size are charged $35 and $40 respectively. These dogs are small enough to not take up a seat.

Unaccompanied dogs of large size are charged a full seat fare rate because they are large enough that they take up a seat which could have been sold to another customer had the dog not taken the seat.

Accompanied dogs count as baggage weight towards the allotted 70 lbs. of free baggage. If the dog causes your baggage weight to exceed 70 lbs, the excess baggage rate of .50 cents per pound will be charged. If the dog is large and requires the space of an entire seat, a seat fare will be charged in addition to the excess baggage rate.

Animals must not be dangerous in
any way and also require no consideration during the flight. Pets are
carried in the aircraft cabin, generally in the cargo area, for the duration
of the flight.  Pets must be without strong odors and have all current
vaccinations and flea treatments.

If an animal is not picked up within 1 hour after arrival or prior to the
close of business the animal will be placed in a local kennel at the
passenger’s expense.

Service Animals: Service animals fly for free but must occupy your own space
and cannot be in a seat. Also, they cannot obstruct aisles or areas that
must remain clear for emergency evacuation.

Emotional/psychiatric support animal: Emotional/psychiatric support animal
fly for free but must occupy your own space and cannot obstruct aisles or
areas that must remain clear for emergency evacuation.
For an animal to be considered an emotional/ psychiatric support animal the
following requirements must be met:
Prior to boarding, you must present current documentation to one of our
customer service agents. It must not be more than one year old and it must
be on letterhead from a mental health professional or medical doctor who is
treating your mental health-related disability. The letter must state the
.That you have a mental or emotional disability recognized in the Diagnostic
and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – Fourth Edition (DSM IV)
.That you need the emotional support or psychiatric service animal as an
accommodation for air travel and/or for activity at your destination
.The letter must come from a licensed mental health professional; you must
be under his/her professional care.
.The letter MUST contain the date, the mental health professional’s or
medical doctor’s license, and the state or other jurisdiction in which it
was issued.


  •  Where can I ship items using your air cargo services?
    Cargo can be shipped on our regularly scheduled flights to Haines, Hoonah, Juneau, Gustavus, and Skagway. You can also charter a flight for cargo shipments outside our normally scheduled service or to other destinations within the Southeast Alaska region.
  •  What can I ship?
    On Wings of Alaska, you can ship goods, animals, small packages, larger shipments, and cremated remains. All shipments go on a space available basis on the next available flight.  We are not able to ship Hazardous Materials, all Haz Mat items must be declared including batteries.
  •  When should I drop off my freight?
    Freight must be dropped off at least 45 minutes prior to flight, however the earlier it’s dropped off the better.
  •  When can the receiver pick up freight that has arrived?
    Shipments may be picked up at the destination as soon as a Wings agent has called and notified the customer of the freight arrival.
  •  What if I have large amounts of freight?
    ALL items can be dropped off for shipment at our Wings of Alaska ticket counters.
  •  What information do I need to provide when I want to ship something?
    Please provide the following:
    Shipper name
    Shipper’s phone number
    Receiver name
    Receiver’s phone number
    Item description
    Notation if the item is fragile, perishable, or Hazardous Materials (note we can not except Haz Mat materials, but if not disclosed shipper will be held responsible).
  •  Where can I find out more about your cargo services?
     For more information, visit our Cargo pages or give our cargo office a call at 907-945-3275.

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